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Submitted: June 30, 2020

This last week has been a grind on the walleye bite. The hot weather along with the hatch of fish flies have slowed down the bite. I'm still catching fish with crawlers up against the rocks, on slip sinker rigs or on jigs produced well.
Some fish still being caught on slip bobbers with part of a crawler.
Smallmouth are up in the rocks feeding heavily on crawfish. So use crankbaits in crawfish pattern or plastics in brown pumpkin seed.
Going to be a warm week on the water, with that and the Fourth of July holiday, there will be a lot of boat traffic.
Be careful and Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.
Tight lines..

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service

Submitted: June 27, 2020

This week started out fairly consistent on the walleye bite. Slip bobbers and leeches or crawlers on the mid lake rock humps produced well. Rigging with crawlers or jigs with part of a crawler in the 12 to 18ft against the rocks did well. As the week ended the mayfly hatch has started and fishing has gotten tougher. But we still are getting fish, its just a slow grind. My smallmouth bite has been tough, but I think the best bet is early morning topwater or targeting the docks.
Big holiday weekend coming up. Will be alot of watercraft on the water.
Stay safe. Tight lines.

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service

Submitted: June 11, 2020

As usual June is giving us a buffet of weather. Walleye bite is good. Warmer windy days will find them up shallow taking slip bobbers and leeches. On the quieter days doing best with jigs and minnows, or lindy rigs with minnows or leeches in 10 to 16ft.
Smallmouth have started moving up and getting close to spawning. Plastics in brown pumpkin seed fished on a jig head. Or crayfish pattern crankbaits.
Crappies were still being caught up shallow. Small minnows or plastics under floats have done well.
Have a good week on Vermilion.
Stay Well and safe. Tight lines everyone.

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service

Submitted: May 30, 2020

With the warm weather earlier in the week alot of fish moved up into shallow water. Slip bobbers and leeches,along with pitching jigs and plastics worked well Along came a cold front and moved the fish out to 12 to 18 ft. Jigs and minnows or slip sinker rigs and minnows are producing. In late evening the shallow water bite is good with jig and minnows, also trolling stick baits along the shallow flats do well.
The smallmouth are moving in pre spawn. Leeches under slip bobbers outfished any artificial.
Crappie in the mid lake bays are on their spawn and the bite has been good. Small minnows or plastics under floats have done well.
The pike we caught have been up shallow, and are feeding aggressively.
Have a good week on Vermilion.
Stay Well and safe..tight lines

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service

Submitted: April 28, 2020

Greetings from lake Vermilion while we're all sheltering during this Covid-19 pandemic. I'm hoping everyone is staying well and safe.
Having reviewed the Tower DNR fisheries report for the upcoming season, looks like our lake is still maintaining a great multi species fisheries.
The walleye population was up slightly from last year, the strongest size appears to be in the 12 to 14 inch class. With a good population of fish in the 19" plus category. The upcoming younger class of 8 to 10" will provide plenty of opportunities by the end of summer into the future. The smallmouth bass population continues do well. With the east side showing a stronger population of bigger fish.
The Musky fishery is still very strong. A well representation of fish in the 39 to 51" range. But 10 % of the fish were over 50".
We all look forward to getting through this situation. We're all together and when this is over lets get out and start getting our lives back to normal, support the small businesses that have suffered greatly during this.
Look forward to to seeing you on Vermilion.

Rob Bryer, RB Guide Service

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