Rob Bryer's 2021 Fishing Opener Start-Up

Looks like it's going to be a year to look forward to.

Test netting last year showed the highest net results in close to 40 years. Average number we in the 14" range. With higher than past numbers in the large ( 20"+) were recorded since the 2006 slot went into effect.

So alot of opportunity for catching keeper size fish should be available.

The catch rate was highest since 2013, those size was down. The importance of this is it provides forage for the larger predators along with angling opportunities.

Smallmouth bass
Numbers continue to hold stable, average size being 14" +

Northern Pike
Though test netting wasn't conducted last year, overall trend shows a small decline in numbers, but a continued increase in size.

Numbers continue to do well, with a good number of 44+ fish, and a strong number of 50+" fish

Crappie and Bluegill
Numbers of both species showed a increase.

Rob Bryer,
RB Guide Service